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Water Jel Burn Jel, Pain Relief 25 ea

Price : $27.28 AverageRating : 5.0 Reviews : 13
Fast Pain Relief of Minor Burns
Cools, Soothes & temporaril Liquid gel for small burns Relieves the pain of small spot burns Water based gel Sterile and antimicrobialThe shipping was quick, the package arived in good condition, and everything was just as advertised. These are a great sized single use individualy packaged unit, perfect for adding to your custom tailored FAKs(First Aid Kits)…

You can, and should always build a kit to suit your needs better than the large mass marketed kits which generally tend to be filled with nonessential cheap filler items like small bandaids and sanitising wipes. Those and similar items can often be easily improvised if need be, and those type kits really should be marketed as “boo-boo” or “snivel” kits, as opposed to First Aid Kits.

Capresso 750.09 Size-4 Cone GoldTone Filter

Price : $17.00 AverageRating : 4.0 Reviews : 13
Capresso 750.09 Size 4 Goldtone Filter for All Capresso 10/12-Cup Coffee Makers – Capresso 75009 Dishwasher safe, upper rack Easy to clean Lasts for years Fits coffee makers requiring Size 4 cone filterI ordered an extra GoldTone Filter for convenience. We bought a new coffeepot that recommended the gold filters. After making a few pots, I discerned that a pool of muddy coffee remained in the bottom of every cup and also in the carafe. The coffee itself was okay, but not great. I tried a paper filter, and the coffee was wonderfu,l and there was no muddy residue left in the cups and carafe. I’m for paper filters!

The gold filter was well made and etc., but I think paper filters work better.

RSVP International BIO6 Biodegradable Plastic Bags 50-ct.

Price : $10.99 AverageRating : 3.0 Reviews : 7
These 100% biodegradable and compostable bags are the perfect companion for all of our compost pails. Made from a certified biodegradable and compostable material, Mater-Bi, they are GMO free and will biodegrade as naturally as the fruit and vegetable scraps inside. BioBag products meet the specifications found in ASTM D6400 and carry the BPI compostable logo. They are approved by the San Francisco Dept. of Environment for their food waste collection program. Material: Mater-Bi Cleaning & Care: Dispose of after use Size: 6-L. Capacity Origin: NorwayAs noted elsewhere, the bags are fragile and expensive.

Because our compost bin is at some distance from the house, we can’t carry each gallon bag there as it gets filled. Securing the opening is a problem, because one doesn’t wan

Pairing: Mussel risotto and a complex zin – Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Pairing: Mussel risotto and a complex zin
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Mary had a wonderfully focused, organized way of looking at food and wine pairing and I have always drawn inspiration from her work.

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How to Start Your Own Home Brewing System | Wine Insiders
Second, after brewing there will be a residue from the beer on the pots and pans that will get on your food the next time you cook. To start a home brewing system, you really want to stick with a budget but at the same time ensure that …

The Seventh Level of Boredom: A Taste for Adventure….and Nostalgia
It was where I discovered that not all pizza comes from Little Caesar’s, that seafood is a pleasure and not just a menu item at Long John Silver’s, and that cooking from scratch most definitely does not equate with something that comes from a box. During my stay, I ate a lot of “street food“, went to a number of festivals, and discovered what the life of the average person in Catalonia is like. Food is fresh, quick, and (BONUS!) they drink wine with every meal. …

Canopy Rose Catering Company 850-539-7750
Chicken with Sausage, Pecan and Wine Sauce 9.95. Chicken Tetrazinni Pasta Squares Casserole 9.25. Chicken and Broccoli Pasta Squares Casserole 9.25. Chicken Florentine Pasta Squares Casserole 9.45. Chicken Cordon Blue Pasta Squares ….. Canopy Rose Catering is a unique Tallahassee area catering company. The owner is a prize-winning gourmet cook, teacher of cooking classes and a newspaper food columnist who writes the popular “Entertaining with Kathi” food column. …